Friday, 5 September 2014

Runstreak Day #279 - the runch run

Day 279 and my very first attempt at running in my lunchbreak at work!  It was alright and I'm all happy in the knowledge that I can get some daylight runs in during the week when it's Winter and the days are so short.  WOOOO HOOOOO!!!

So... things I've learned from today's 'runch'...

1. Be prepared!  I packed my running kit (obviously!), some wet wipes, a small towel, some deodorant and a hair tie and needed all of those things
2.  Dry shampoo really helped make my hair feel less icky (thank you to another runner for the recommendation, I never would have thought of that!)
3.  Others will go 'you're going for a run?!?!  What?  Now?  Really?' several times...
4.  ... and when you get back, you will be kinda sweaty and red faced.  I pre-warned people that I'd be gross... and I was... yay me!
5.  The hour following your run you'll continue being a sweaty, red-faced mess.  If you can avoid having meetings in the hour after you're back from your run, it's probably kindest to your colleagues!
6.  Having a bag for your stuff is fine, but I think I'll also have a carrier bag too so that the stinky sweaty post-run clothes don't whiff out the office!!
7.  If you can leave stuff in your desk drawer ready for another run, it's less faff for the next time you go and it'll probably make me more likely to go for a lunchtime run as I won't have to think so much about it!
8.  A 5k is just about enough for a lunchtime.  5 mins to get changed, 25 mins run, 5 - 10 mins de-stinking and changing... all done in the space of 40 minutes.  Score.
9.  Eat your lunch a bit earlier than you normally would to allow time to digest it a bit and not be wind-powered when you run (experience talking here!!)
10.  Enjoy basking in the smug glow of a post lunchtime run!

Oh, and someone told me about a 'secret' shower at work... so I'm going to use that next week and be a whole lot less stinky.  Hooray!

Actually, I don't think I was stinky.  The combination of wet wipes and a quick face wash was enough not to be gross for the rest of the afternoon.  I also ran with my hair not in a ponytail, but in a bun and that helped it not get too sweaty icky as well.

Plus, I got to do a whole new route... I get to explore running in Derby... and my head was nicely clear for getting a whole load of worky stuff done in the afternoon.

And drank the world's biggest cup of tea to celebrate it all.  *happy dances*

Geeky stats stuff

Distance:3.14 mi
Avg Pace:8:10 min/mi
Elevation Gain:159 ft

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