Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Runstreak Day #276 - another run with my littlest

Didn't feel like a run today really.  Had a long day with work and my head was a bit full.  But not feeling like a run is always just a temporary thing.  Once I'm out, it's fine.  Just before I left I vaguely yelled 'does anyone want to come for a run with me?' - and my littlest appeared!  Zoomed upstairs... put on socks and trainers.  And wanted to come!

So I had a little running buddy today.  He managed to run about halfway up the hill from our house and then across the park and to the top for a breather.  We ran-walked / ran-paused our way through just over 2.5 miles, which wasn't bad going at all.  He was less keen than me (who was all giggly shrieky aeroplane-armsy happiness) about running down hills.  He says they're 'too fast'... which is not a concept I'm familiar with!  That said, he did run down a very steep hill and had a flushed, excited, eyes-popping-out-of-his-head happy face on at the bottom... which is always a good sign.

Y'know, I wish they could bottle that feeling.  And when someone says 'I don't know why you run... running's boring.  I couldn't run.  I just can't see anything interesting in it' about it... give them a taste of that.  That feeling like you're 8 years old.  That it's all just a bit fast, a bit unsafe, a bit scary... but you've done it anyway.  And there's a buzz inside you that makes you feel all tingly happy.

Give them a taste of that, and they'll get it.  The quiet, calm, happy, gentle, space-to-breathe moments take longer to appreciate... but that absolute crazy freedom of speed and hill and happy.  That's kinda intoxicating.  Even after a crazy full day.

I LOVE that my children are starting to discover running with me.  It reminds me of why I love it all over again.

Lucky old me!

Geeky stats stuff

Distance:2.61 mi
Avg Pace:10:08 min/mi
Elevation Gain:184 ft

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