Monday, 3 October 2016

Runstreak Day 3 - just joggin'

Day 3 and I've managed to do another run first thing in the morning which got it out of the way nicely!  It felt a bit better than yesterday... it probably helps that I've started taking my iron tablets again.  At least I didn't feel faint and wheezy today which was a relief.

Oh yeah, and I ran on my own again today.  Could have run with others but I really do feel that I need time running by myself so that I can control all aspects of the run and not have to think about anyone else.  Selfish, huh?  It's just part of trying to rediscover that easy running which I used to love doing.  I can't hide my running demons when it's just me.  So instead, the idea is that I face them and find out what's up with me at the moment.

Anyway, it was a short run again.  Less than 2 miles and a seriously dull route!  I ran further up the hill before having a sneaky walk and could probably have carried on if I felt inclined to push it.  I can't believe that I managed 13 miles last weekend when a couple of miles is challenging enough!  I'm so glad I sold my place for the Tissington Trail HM next weekend.  I think doing that might have pushed me over the edge and turned me off running completely!

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